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Helpful Tips & Hints


  • In a two storey house, we suggest not to put the heater on the top level if the bottom level also needs to be heated. When the wood heater is on the bottom level, the hot air will rise up stairwells and heat up both areas.
  • We also suggest never to install a wood heater next to a stairwell as the hot air will naturally rise up the stairs and not circulate through the bottom floor.
  • A flue system will expand and contract. Therefore there is the possibility that it can make noise.
  • The fan in a wood heater should not be turned on until the firebox has heated up. We suggest waiting 20 minutes before turning the fan on. If turned on beforehand, the fan will keep the firebox cool and therefore emit more smoke.
  • Finding out the general direction of prevailing winds. This can help you determine where a wood heater should be located as the natural draft will push hot air through the house