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Wood Heater Checklist

What is the size of the area you need to heat? 
  • This will help determine what type of heater will be most suitable (Radiant or Convection)
  • It can also help determine what size of heater. As a heater which is too small won’t heat the area you want. Or too big will over heat the area.
  • The average 3 bedroom home with separate lounge and dining areas is between 150m2 to 200m2. 
  • A bedroom is approximately 1.5sqs
  • The average living area is 3sq
Is your house single or double story? 
  • Hot air always rises. Therefore, we suggest installing the wood heater on the bottom level to ensure the heated air moves around your home.
  • When deciding on a location to install your heater in a double story home. You must be aware of what is above. Maxiheat Floor penetration kits or Wall penetration kits are available.
What are the ceiling heights? 
  • Are they cathedral or standard ceiling heights (standard ceiling heights are 2.4m to 2.7m)
  • This will help determine what type of heater will be most suitable (Radiant or Convection)
What type of flooring do you have? 
  • Carpet can help keep the heat, where floor boards, tiled to cement floors will absorb heat. Therefore, a larger heater may be needed.
  • If the flooring is combustible such as carpet or floor board then a hearth (floor protector) will be required.
Have you an idea on where the heater will be installed? 
  • Wood heaters can be installed parallel to a wall (most common) in a corner or built into a wall (brick fireplace with chimney)
  • This can also help determine which flue kit you may need and which hearth you may need.
Is there a power point nearby? 
  • Convection style wood heaters are fitted with fans which gives you added control of how much heated air is being circulated.